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I recently updated to Premier 6.6.2. I successfully reconciled my checking and savings account today. I do this by manually entering my past and current balances. However, when I went to reconcile my credit card statement, it said that the account had never been reconciled and I was not allowed to select the history icon. When I entered the balances and brought up the reconciliation page it only showed two transactions. The rest were missing. What is wrong?


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    Reconciliation History is like a snapshot of which transactions were included when a reconciliation was done. Reconciliation History only exists for reconciliations which have been done in Quicken Mac 6.0 and beyond since the December 2020. 

    What version of Quicken were you using before your recent update? Was it something from the past year or so (e.g. 6.x) or older (e.g. Quicken 2017)? If you were using an older version, then that explains why you have no reconciliation history available. But that doesn't mean older transactions aren't reconciled, if you were using an older version; they still are reconciled; Quicken just doesn't have a recorded snapshot of your past reconciliations. 

    In your credit card account, do you have the Clr column visible? If not, click on Columns in the bottom menu, and check the Clr box to it is visible. The Clr column shows a green check mark for reconciled transactions, and a blue checkmark for downloaded transactions or any you have manually marked as cleared. In your credit card account, are there transactions in addition to the two you mentioned which don't have green check marks in the Clr column?

    For Reconciliation, you only need to enter the statement ending date and the balance on that date. (The statement opening balance isn't relevant or needed.) If you don't have a complete history of your credit card transactions, or you didn't have an accurate original balance, you might now need to enter an adjustment to get the current balance to be accurate. (Without knowing more about what transactions you have in your credit card account, it's hard for me to tell you definitively what you may need to enter.)
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