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Investment Cash Category vs. Bank Cash Category

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edited May 2022 in Reports (Windows)
I have an expense category that has multiple subcategories. (i.e, Hobbies - with Photography, Crafting, Woodworking as subcategories). Sometimes my expense doesn't fit exactly into a subcategory, so I simply use the primary category (i.e. Hobbies). When I do this an a bank account expense transaction, the itemized reports creates Hobbies:Other in the report to show all the expenses that were specified to a subcategory. However, I decided to use cash from an investment account and simply put "Hobbies" as a Withdrawal Expense category. But this is showing in the itemized report as "Hobbies" and not "Hobbies:Other" - so all my "non subcategory Hobbies" are now on 2 different lines in my report (Hobbies is the first line and Hobbies:Other is the last line). WHY IS THIS???? The category on both the Bank account and Investment account transactions is exactly the same - "Hobbies" with no subcategory. Why are cash investment transactions handled differently in reporting? This is not an "investment" transaction - I'm just using the associated cash from my investment account to buy something.


  • Jim_Harman
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    I tested this with the Itemized Categories report and I see exactly what you are seeing. When I record a Withdrawal in an investing account with a Category that has subcategories but the Category for the withdrawal is the main category, the transaction is assigned to the main category and not to the artificial Other subcategory. If I do the same in a Banking account, the transaction is assigned to the Other subcategory.

    Why? I would say it is a bug in the way the investment account transactions are recorded.

    I would guess it has been this way forever, but as far as I know you are the first person to complain about it.

    To work around this, you could not use the main category these transactions but create a Misc or whatever subcategory to handle them. 
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