Credit Score Flawed

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Not that it matters, but the credit score and analysis downloaded today on Quicken suggests a low score blaming too much Credit card usage. The obvious error is my refinanced home mortgage is included in the credit card totals raising the percentage used to well over 70%! In fact my usage on only the cards is about 10% of available credit. I find my credit score is incorrect quite frequently making me very wary of the accuracy these agencies report.


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    I'm guessing you are posting this as a heads up to other users that the groups that determine the credit scores do odd things when determining a credit score and not that Quicken is responsible since they are only repeating what one of these groups provides for you.
    If you have a complaint about the score, you need to report that to the group responsible, Quicken can't and shouldn't do anything about it since it is between you and that group.

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