Download Vanguard transactions older than 18 months

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Is it true that one can only download the past 18 months of transactions from Vanguard into Quicken and nothing older than that?

Why is it that an account holder can go to "Account Activity" > "Transaction History" on Vanguard's website and view every single transaction all the way back to the year 1993 (!) but can't download transactions that old easily into Quicken? Or is there a way?

It seems like if the data is accessible right there on the website spanning back 29 years, then there should be an easy way of getting that data into Quicken. Is there?


  • Tom Young
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    Each financial institution sets how far back in time you can go to download transactions.  Actually, 18 months worth of information available is longer than most financial institutions allow as 90 is very typically the limit.
    Vanguard's "OFXWelcome" page does show a "custom" date range, but I expect that's still limited to 18 months, though you can try for more.

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