Hidden old account still shows in category list

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I have an account that was closed in 2002. It is hidden and "Hide in transaction lists" is checked. it still shows up when selecting a category in the register. How do I get it to not show up?

This account was the banking part (checking) of a related investment account.


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    I don't think that there's anything you can do to take the account off the Category list for as long as the account still exists.
    In my data file, I have renamed similar old, closed, but still existing accounts so that the account name now begins with a "~"(tilde) character. You could also use a "z" or "zz" ... anything that will sort the account name to the bottom of any selection list and provide an eye-catcher that there is something special with this account.
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    Then what does "Hide in transaction lists" do?
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    Then what does "Hide in transaction lists" do?
    It applies to "Account lists" (and even there I have found it to not be handled correctly).
    Here is an example of a place it applies, and actually works as expected.

    Here is one that "works as designed" but is mislabeled.

    The "Show (hidden accounts)" actually selects/deselects "separate accounts".  And it has been like this for all the years I can remember, and they still won't change the text, which is a 5-minute job!

    The cornerstone of the problem is that the Category field is being used for both categories and for transfers.  In some contexts, Quicken treats them as if they are the same, and in others it doesn't.

    If you think about it a transfer is neither a category or an account.

    Personally, I believe that where they should have a selection for hiding these transfers is in the Category list.  You will notice that they list the transfers on the category list, but they turn around and disable the Hide selection there!

    If they made the choice to "combine" categories and transfers they should be consistent about it through all the usage.

    There are "account lists" and selecting the "hide" for an account does actually work correct for these lists.

    It is these long-standing problems that are really frustrating in Quicken.
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