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I am looking to generate a p&l report for my business. The p&l report seems to have a bug that unless I tag each individual transaction with a business tag, it does not link to the report. I also can not get the p&l report to recognize business income, even when tagged. Any input? Thanks!


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    Do each of your business related categories, both income and Expense, have a Schedule C tax line associated with them?  That's how they get selected for the P&L report.
    Set this by going into your category list, clicking the clock icon to the far right (you might have to expand the list to see this) and then clicking EDIT and "Tax Reporting?
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    Hello, I can not find "category" list. Would you kindly explain and perhaps it is named differently?
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    Accidentally found in "Tools" But just realized that it is many hours of manual entry!!
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