Price history shortcut? (Q Mac)

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I wish it were quicker to get to the price history and update for a security. It takes a few clicks. It would be better if you could right-click on a security to get there.
Or is there already a shortcut key for that?


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    There are currently two ways to get to a security's price history. If you're in the Portfolio view, click on a Security, click Edit Security in the pop-up, and click on Price History.  (Or you can go to Windows > Securities, search for the security, double click it, and click on Price History. As you say, either of those takes a few clicks.

    There is an Idea thread requesting a way to do this more directly. (In the legacy Quicken Mac 2007, you could simply edit a price in the Portfolio window and it would be entered for the date the Portfolio is set to show.) I suggest you visit that thread an add your vote in favor of it. (Under the first post, in the yellow box, click one the dark gray arrow under the vote counter to register your vote.)
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