Cash flow report pulling memorized paycheck info and not edited as shown in register

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I do not know how long this issue has been going on, but I noticed when I run a cash flow report and click on the detail on my salary - it shows only the memorized/income reminder amounts, not the actual edited amounts (my pay varies, so I edit each one as needed). When I click on the transaction from the cash flow detail report and look at it in the checking account register it shows the proper reconciled NET amount. When I click to edit the splits, it loads as the memorized income reminder paycheck and not the actual edited, saved, reconciled one (so the detail split Net does not actually equal what shows in the register).

I have no idea why it is doing this or when it started. I have been using Quicken for 20 years and never seen this issue. It appears when I run a cash flow report on older years, it still has the same problem - I know this was not an issue previously.

Is this a known issue? What can I do to fix? The cash reports are basically worthless at this point.

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P.S. I was previously syncing to cloud - I found a post referencing that as a potential issue, but it seemed that dealt more with split amounts in paychecks disappearing,

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    Unfortunately it does sound like you are seeing the known paycheck issue that occurred with versions 39.17 and 39.21. The solution is patch up to version 39.23 and restore a back up from before 39.17/39.21,  likely from early March.

    More details in this announcement:

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    Hi @jerm324

    I have not seen any other posts that are similar to yours so far.  However, I agree that it is a serious issue and therefore I encourage you to contact Quicken Support to report this and have them provide some real-time assistance to get to the bottom of this.  Here's the LINK to Quicken Support and please let us know how that goes.


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    @Frankx it seems the OP's issue has all the symptoms of the recent paycheck issue - checking account balances are good, paycheck transactions in the checking account appear ok at first glance, but on opening the individual paycheck splits they are for the memorized paycheck amounts instead of the actual amounts. Reports like net worth or account balance show the bad paycheck amounts. 

    It seems logical that a cash flow report would also show the bad paycheck amounts. 
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