Chase Business CC (main and secondary card numbers) Download problem

I have two Chase Business credit card accounts. About a month ago, both stopped downloading the transactions for the secondary card on each account. If I reactivate, and chose the secondary card instead of the main card, it will download only the secondary card's transactions. What changed?? I have also tried removing the online setup and re-adding it, but the results are the same. Quicken Premier Version R39.23


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    Let me restate what I hear you saying:  Your 2 cards stopped downloading.  You deactivated and reactivated the 2nd card but not the 1st one.  Now transactions only download for the 2nd card, not the 1st.  Did I get this right?
    If so, you might want to try deactivating both cards.  Then go to Add Accounts (not Set Up Now) and run the setup process.  When prompted, be sure to link the download data to the appropriate card accounts in Quicken.
    Let me know if this resolved the issue for you.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    Hi @jeffnjnecom

    This appears to be a Chase issue.  Please see this recent thread - LINK.

    The guidance given is to contact the bank.


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    Sorry, I wasn't clear. Only the secondary card on each account stopped working. Prior to a month ago, I had to have the primary card linked to quicken and it pulled the secondary card's transactions when I did the one step update. Recently, I noticed that my online and register balances were off. It was easy to see that the secondary card's transactions were not being download. I reactivated the account in Quicken and linked the secondary card and then after some minutes, the missing transactions appeared. However, the online balance, in the register, showed $0. I left it like this for a few days and noticed that now only the secondary card's transactions were downloading and the online balance was always $0 in Quicken. The bottom line is I can get either the primary or secondary card's transactions to download by reactivating, but not both. The online balance in the Quicken register is only accurate with the primary cc number linked.
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    I will also reach out to Chase and see what they have to say.
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    It was an ordeal but Chase first said that they were aware of the problem and they were working on a fix. Then they changed course and said it will not be fixed, there is simply no solution to downloading a primary and secondary card to the same quicken account as of 2/27/22. Bye bye Chase.
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