Tax Schedule Report doesn't show short term gain/loss for sales

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I'm using Q Deluxe for Windows Version R38.30.
Short Term capital gains from sales of stock are not reported correctly on the Tax Schedule Report. The report lists all sales under Schedule D: LT gain/loss - security regardless of the holding period. The "specify lots" box for the transaction in the registry properly shows the holding period as long term or short term based on the holding period for each lot. Additionally, the Capital Gains report properly categorizes the sale of each lot as either short or longer term, but all sales are grouped together on the tax schedule report as LT. I don't know which patch created this problem, but I know it was created sometime in the last year because this was definitely NOT a problem in January 2021. Yes, I can use the capital gains report to determine ST vs LT sales, but it should still be corrected in the program. I like to use the tax schedule report to verify all of my data when doing taxes. I used the "Report a Problem" feature under the Help menu, but who knows if anybody will address the issue.


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    In R39.23, the only thing I see about capital gains in the Tax Schedule report is a section for capital gains distributions, nothing for capital gains from sales of securities. As far as I know it has always been that way.

    The Tax > Capital Gains report in R39.23 works for me. Make sure the report is subtotaled by "Short vs long term". I wish it were further subtotaled by security
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