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Good day to all: This may have been addressed however, My credit card accounts, specifically Chase and CitiBank, no longer reconcile "R" after i clear the transactions; I only get "C" and a statement that there is nothing to reconcile. What specifically changed in the update and why? or is this a glitch that needs to be corrected.
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    This how Quicken determines what transactions are used in the reconcile.
    FAQ: How does Quicken determine which transactions qualify for a reconcile? — Quicken

    The reason you are getting what you describe is because none of the cleared transactions are within the end statement date.  And note that if you are reconciling to the online balance that date is the one retrieved with that online balance.

    I suspect that you are using Express Web Connect.  There have been a lot of reports lately that it isn't updating the online balance/date correctly.

    The typical recommended action is to switch to reconciling to the "statement" (which can actually be reconciling to some balance you see on the financial institution's website).

    If possible, I would switch to Direct Connect.  I know Chase supports it, I'm not sure if they charge for it depending on what accounts you have with them.  I have a lot of my finances with them, and they don't charge me.  You should check with Chase.

    On Citibank if it is a credit card you can use Citi Cards for the financial institution and then Direct Connect will be available in the Advanced Options when setting it up (and it is free), but unfortunately, they don't support it for other bank account types.
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    Thank you for the updates. Will incorporate your recommendations
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    Same issue here, but with Capital One. Just started a week or two ago (after working perfectly fine for many years). Something definitely changed for the worse. And perhaps a related issue from a separate thread, my Chevron/Synchrony cc account seems to be about 2 months behind on syncing to the correct online balance despite performing regular Quicken account updates every day or two. It picks up new transactions, just not the new account balance.
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    @StuartG All I can say is I'm seeing the online balance/date being wrong a lot more in the last 6 months to a year, and from what I can see it is tied to Express Web Connect.

    I don't have the problem, but I also don't have any accounts that use Express Web Connect.

    I do know that Quicken Inc tends to believe that these kinds of problems are the because of the individual financial institutions, and it is hard to convince them that there is some problem that is affecting them all.

    About the only thing users can do is report the problem and hope they will get to the core of the problem.

    But, they might be that they are correct, and it is a fight to get each and everyone of them to be correct.
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