Bug in Reports - getting different Account values on Reports (same Account)

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I have 4 different Reports that contain various accounts - but in all 4 reports, I am reporting the ending value of my checking account.

In 3 of the reports, the Account value for my checking account is WRONG - and on one of the Reports, the Account value is correct.

The Account value is correct at Bk of Am ($3,911.31) and the Account value at the bottom of the checking account in Quicken is also correct  ($3,911.31) - and this is what is reported on one of my Quicken reports - but on 3 of the Reports, the account value is being reported as $3,961.04 (a difference of $49.73 too much).  I have no idea what is going on here.



I run these reorts, once a week - every Friday and in the past and up until today, the account value on the Report has always been correct - so what is going on.  I have updated my accounts, saved and reloaded the reports, terminated and reloaded Quicken and the error is still there.  There are no pending deposits - everything looks good and correct - this is a simple report.

Why is it just showing up incorrectly on 3 of the reports and correctly on one of the others.

ron in shawnee


  • Sherlock
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    Do not trust the includes all/any option on tabs of the Customize window of a report.  The feature was added relatively recently and does not reliably determine whether all the items are selected. 

    To prevent Quicken from incorrectly defaulting to the all/any option in a Saved report, I suggest unchecking an unhidden item for each tab.
  • Ron n Round Rock
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    Sherlock-    FOUND IT - SORRY

    Thanks for the help, but it was my error.  I traced the $49.73 difference to a Split transaction that I did last week - to help balance some of my reports that I use for Tax Reporting.

    I Split a DMV payment into an Auto Registration (not deductible) and Personal Property tax (deductible) - and in the process created a new category.  On the 3 bad reports, I guess I neglected to checkmark the new Personal Property Tax category and so it was not included in the Report total for that checking account - dumb mistake.  [Now wondering how that category got checked on that one good report.]

    Anyway, sorry for the rather bogus post.

    ron in shawnee
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