So tired of nursing Quicken auto-download to work

Jim38@ Member ✭✭✭
Rarely ever anymore do I get to simply update my accounts without some issue derailing my afternoon. Why do you continue to list banks that do not cooperate smoothly with transaction downloads? Venmo, Victory Capital, USAA . . . that's just today's update. PennyMac is listed, but that doesn't work anymore either. 

You boys & girls have made significant updates to the capabilities of Quicken; 2FA fill-in from iMessage in the last few updates was a godsend! But at the core, this is a desktop application that should reliable download transactions . . . just like a car should get me from point A to B. I don't care how cool the instrument panel looks, or the seat massagers, etc., if the wheels can't stay aligned.


  • Chris_QPW
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    When comes to Quicken Connect (Express Web Connect in Quicken Windows) if they listed only the ones that worked trouble free they wouldn’t have any to list!
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