Categories are changing after reconciliation on their own

I am having a continuing problem where Quicken is changing category assignments on its own, even after they are reconciled. It seems to be happening with one of my bank checking accounts. I am not downloading from this particular bank, I enter the line items manually and then reconcile the account when I get my bank statement. I have validated the file each time and only once did it find a problem which it supposedly fixed.

Today I was getting ready to use a year end Quicken report so I could file my tax returns and needed to split an existing reconciled entry into more detail entries for my tax return, so I created some new categories to accommodate the finer breakout. After I did, I wanted to make sure that the new subcategories looked good by looking at the category list and started seeing entries in a category which shouldn't have had any entries. Upon researching the entries, I found that previous unrelated items got reclassified into these unused categories. This became a huge issue for me as I had to go in an re-categorize the entries that somehow got changed. Each time I changed an erroneous entry and checked the category list I found another one would get changed on its own.

This bug is making me very concerned. I have been using Quicken since its inception and never had a problem in the past until Quicken split from Intuit. What has happened to the application? I am not feeling very good about this. And just as a side comment, I work in IT and I design and program financial reporting software packages for large companies. So I am software and computer knowledgeable. It's not like I'm a Newbie!

Quicken Support needs to look into this problem or I'm going to have to look for an alternative package. Is there a way to "Lock" entries so they cannot be changed unless I need to change one?? I would like to see some sort of a lock on reconciled items with an option to change the categorization if absolutely necessary.



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