How long should I wait for Check Pay?

I sent a check via Check Pay on 3/25.  It is now 4/11 and it still has not come back around to my bank account.  It is to a legal firm so I'm 99% sure that they would cash it relatively quickly.

Is there any way to check to see if the check has even been written and sent?  The user interface says it is in transit but I'm not trusting it.

I'm switching from paying bills from the bank supplied "bill pay" style where I log into the bank and tell it to send the check to Quicken's "Check Pay" and it makes me nervous until I see some results.


  • NotACPA
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    Have you contacted that law firm to see if, perhaps, they're sitting on it? Or have even received it?
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  • Perry Smith
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    I did.  The check was not processed by their bank because they "could not locate the account".  I haven't dug deeper into the details of what went wrong yet but will probably do so this next week.  For check pay, I may just go back to using the institution's bill pay facility.  Quickens always seems to take a long time.
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