How do I change a payment that has already been made? I'm not sure how this happened, but when I go to update now a previously uploaded transaction it is apparently causing an error because it doesn't have enough lead time.


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    How did you make that payment?  And this is a user-to-user forum ... so it's unlikely that we can do anything to help you. Maybe, with the answer to my question, we can direct you to someone who CAN help.

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    If you paid from within Quicken, double click on the transaction and click Edit Details that appears in the blue bar below the transaction. Then click the Bill Pay tab in the pane that appears. If the transaction is cancelable from within Quicken, there will be a cancel button there.

    If not, then you would need to contact the bank or Quicken Bill Pay about it.

    Different from what you asked, but... if the transaction is okay on the bank's/Bill Pay end, but you just need to delete a pending transaction from the register, hold down the Option key while clicking menu Transactions > Delete Transaction. This will bring up a Bill Pay deletion window with several options. 
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    How do I cancel my account. I will not continue to pay and do not want to make the April payment.
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    ldemlo said:
    How do I cancel my account. I will not continue to pay and do not want to make the April payment.
    Hello @Idemlo

    Thank you for seeking discussion and assistance here on the Quicken Community.

    Are you attempting to cancel your online account transactions, as well? If you are asking about canceling your Quicken subscription, that is a separate issue. Regarding your online payments made through Quicken, I recommend following the instructions provided by @RickO

    I hope this is helpful, and I hope to hear back from you, should you have the chance to reach out to us once more.


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