Only want to use Desktop Version for manual postings

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I only want to use desktop version for checking transactions and my own manual reconcile. Do I have to pay an annual membership or if I just buy the software and use it just manual desktop, will it work? I WILL NOT USE ANYTHING ON LINE, CLOUDBASED, ETC. Thanks for any insight


  • Jon
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    There is no "just buy the software" option anymore. When you initially purchase Quicken, what you're really buying is a 1 year subscription. 

    If you want to use the software manually, the best thing is to buy 1 year of Deluxe. That way you will be able to continue using the software manually after the subscription runs out, but you will have to put up with losing about 1/4 of the window to a nagging reminder that your subscription is expired. Premier or Home & Business will also do that. Don't get the Starter edition - that becomes read-only when the subscription runs out.

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  • RickO
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    Also be aware that when the subscription expires, you will no longer get any software updates. All online functionality will cease which includes quote downloads, transaction downloads and the ability to import transaction files from a bank manually.
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    But to be clear: you can use Quicken entirely manually if you wish. You do not need to set up accounts for downloads, and if you leave Quicken's Cloud Sync feature turned off, none of your data is uploaded to Quicken's Cloud servers.

    Just because Quicken is priced on a subscription basis doesn't have anything to do with it being cloud-based. Subscriptions are how you pay for the software; the software is still desktop software (unless you enable Sync to use the mobile app or web interface).
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