Quicken Business Reports are not correct !!!! Help

This is concerning Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property subscription

The business profit and loss is not showing all the income from the business. This is also happening in other reports. I have checked all my categories for the business and all have the correct tax line reference. Getting frustrated with Quicken !!!! Thanks for the help


  • NotACPA
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    Please, as an example, pick one such transaction that you believe should be on the report, but isn't.
    What's its date?  What's it's category? What's the tax line associated with that category?

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  • Zepher
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    Got it figured out.... I imported my business information just fine last year for taxes, now this year Quicken had my business account hidden!!!! I never touched my account settings. I have a Quicken and QuickBooks user since 1995 and ever since Quicken became their own company and left Intuit, the software has never been the same. :)
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