CC-800 Error - Barclays Bank Card

I have a Barclays Bank mastercard for a few years. I had to update from a backup for an unrelated reason and since then I get the CC-800 error every time I do an update. All of my other accounts update normally. I have tried adding and re-adding probably dozens of times, each time it says the problem is fixed but it isn't and I just get the error again. I spoke to Quicken support and did the same process with them, including turning off all virus scanning/security stuff and nothing changes


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    I am having the same error code with each update with my Barclays Mastercard and have gone through the same steps. It seems that this may have started with the last quicken update. Any solutions?
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    By any chance are these cards "AAdvantage MasterCards"?  If so, the financial institution recently changed.
    The new FI is "Aviator MasterCard".  To switch to this,  you need to:
    1. Take a backup, just in case
    2. Deactivate the card from download
    3. Exit Q
    4. Restart Q
    5. Reactivate the card, using that new FI name. 
    My ID and Pwd didn't change, just the FI name.

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