Specifying Checking account for credit card payments

After reconciling my credit card statements, a dialog box appears asking if I want to pay the balance of the card. The checking account for payment is already chosen in this box. I can manually change it with no problem. However I am trying to locate within the program if there is a means to set up and identify a default account which will appear for payment


  • Tom Young
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    To the best of my knowledge and belief there's no way to do what you describe, though it would be useful for sure.  You can click on the three dot up at the upper right hand corner of your post and make it an idea that could be voted on by users. 
  • Thank you Tom. I could not locate any place to set the default, which you would think would be something built in the program.
  • UKR
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    All my credit card payments (I always pay the full amount due) are being automatically withdrawn from my Checking account on due date, using the credit card company's Autopay service.
    To record the payment amount in Quicken I have set up a Scheduled Reminder. When I receive the "new statement available" notification I execute the reminder. The checking account is part of the reminder setup and therefore it already defaults to the correct account.
    To reconcile the credit card register against the paper statement... for me that's a separate process. When I have a few minutes time, I run reconcile for a number of my bank accounts.

  • Thank you. The scenario I speak of is when I reconcile each credit card statement at the end of the month. A dialog box pops up indicating payment with the checking account already preset. I can easily change the account by clicking on the three white lines but I thought there might be able to be a way to have it default to the account I normally pay with. Appreciate your assistance!
  • UKR
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    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to mention that, when using the scheduled reminder you can skip the end of reconcile dialog to make payment.
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