Import Fidelity Bank & Oklahoma Fidelity Bank mortgage accounts

I am using latest Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property Edition on Windows 10.

When I am trying to sync with to add my mortgage accounts from Fidelity Bank & Oklahoma Fidelity Bank, the login is successful (with security code), but it can't find mortgage accounts. (I don't have any other accounts with them).

Fidelity Bank bank web site itself shows the mortgage accounts as external, when opened redirects to

I am guessing the mortgage are with a different company/website. Is there a way to add these accounts in Quicken. :| :| :|


  • Tom Young
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    Well... maybe.  There's quite a few financial institutions that show a connection to in the fidir.txt file, but "Fidelity" and "Oklahoma Fidelity" aren't among them.  You might try calling Fidelity and Oklahoma Fidelity and asking if there's a way to get connected.
    But frankly, while "connected" mortgage loans seem to be the cat's meow, in practice there just seems to be a lot of problems with this process.  First, there's no "loan register" you can view with connected loans so you have no way of fixing any errors that might creep in to the Accounts.  You're entirely at the mercy of what gets pushed into the Accounts by the financial institutions and since most of these connected loans seem to use Express Web Connect for downloads (an error-prone process vs. Direct Connect) it's not uncommon to see posts in here lamenting that the loan is showing as "paid off" when it's not.  All that's coming down to that Account is reductions in principal so any other elements of your payments, like escrow or PMI, are ignored.
    Personally I'd tend to stay away from downloading mortgages and have actual payments I've made though my checking Account affect any other Accounts associated with those payments.
  • munagala
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    Thanks Tom for the reply.

    I have been to trying to figure out this part of the mortgage account feature in Quicken since Quicken 2013. Finally, I realized it's useless/confusing feature. The other useless feature is Rental Property Account. As quicken provides these features, I was thinking I don't know how to use effectively. Guess, it's better to dump them and keep the quicken file clean, :)
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