Quicken not reconciling to the right date on bank and credit card accounts

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Hi, I am using Quicken starter edition Vr40.13 B on Windows 10 platform. Have been using Quicken for years. Having intermittent problems with accounts reconciling to the wrong date on my bank accounts. Recently has started happening on my Chase bank accounts in the last month and had been working fine before. Now my accounts with Bank of America and American Express are doing the same. When I go to reconcile the accounts it comes up with an difference and wants to balance adjust to a balance from 2 days prior. If there is no activity on the account for a few days then it will reconcile properly. Any advice on how to fix this problem. Seems to be intermittent over the years.


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    My suggestion is to not reconcile against the downloaded online balance, but to the paper statement.  Routinely downloading the transactions will show if there are any fraudulent transactions since you should still remember your recent transactions.  Reconciling every time you download really isn't necessary, just making sure that all of the transactions are legit.

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