Reconciliation History Showing Future Dates?

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I regularly reconcile accounts that I track via Quicken. When it comes to my Apple Card, I have to enter the online balance because there's no way to use online balance/transaction downloads.

Recently I have had two instances where things didn't reconcile. I can't find the errant entries and I was poking around in my reconciliation history and noticed that the report showed dates in the future! (I've attached a screen shot)

There are no entries in the Apple Card account beyond today's date (4/16/22).

So now I have two issues - the failure to reconcile issue, and this date thing.

Any thoughts? Solutions?


  • jacobs
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    Open one of those future reconciliations to see what transactions are reconciled in those months.

    What happened? I don't know. Opening those reconciliations might provide a clue. But keep in mind that each time you start a reconciliation, Quicken picks and ending date based on your previous time interval. If you cancel the reconciliation, it doesn't stick, but if you press Done, it does stick... and the next reconciliation will default to a data farther in the future. So you might have inadvertently created some future reconciliations without intending to. I haven't read of any instances where future reconciliations are spontaneously created in Quicken Mac. 

    In any case, to unravel the mystery, I'd start with your most recent monthly statement for the Apple card. Is that reconciliation in the list? If you open it, is the reconciliation still correct? Now more forward to the next one — presumably into the future — to see what it thinks is reconciled.

    Or is the list of dates you posted the only reconciliation history for this card? That is, if you scroll, do reconciliations from the past show up? If these are the only reconciliations in the history for this credit card, and you say you've been doing reconciliation in the past, then I'm not sure what's wrong, other than you having wrong end dates when you reconciled. Do you have the "Clr" column visible in the register, and are all the transactions until recently marked with a green checkmark? It may be easier to create a new account, move all the transactions to the new account, delete the old account, do one reconciliation to bring you up to date, and then move forward cleanly -- but we need some more information to fully understand before suggesting you do that. 
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    Good suggestion, Jacobs. I went back and checked the entries in the future-dated reconciliation and found that the entries were all properly dated. I cleared the reconciliation history, too.

    Perhaps I did enter a future date when reconciling and that led to the issue. I'll monitor.

    Thank you for your advice.
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