Bank of America Checking will not allow link

When I download my data, Quicken creates a new Checking account and will not allow me to link to my already existing Checking account where I have all my bills set up. How can I link these two so I don't have to set everything up again?


  • jacobs
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    How about if you keep the new account and ditch the old account in Quicken? To do this, go to the old account, click on any transaction, select Edit > Select All, and then click-and-drag on any of the highlighted transactions over to the new account in the left sidebar. All your transactions from the old account will move to the new account — including your scheduled transactions. Verify that the old account register is now empty, then delete the old account by Control-clicking the account in the left sidebar and selecting delete. You can also Control-click the new account to rename it if you wish. 

    (Before doing this, please make a backup of your data file, just in case something gets messed up and you want to revert.)
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