How do I assign a payee for a dividend transaction in an investment account?

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I'm in the process of creating a budget. Under the income section I include the _DivInc category. Using the 'Annual view' + 'Details' settings, allows we see actual vs budgeted amounts. The actual amount is a link that brings up a pop-up report (when clicked) of dividend payments (in this example here). The format of that pop-up report is Name+Date+amount. Unfortunately, the name field is empty for transactions belonging to the _DivInc category. I believe this is because no 'payee' is assigned to the transactions belonging to the _DivInc category. It works for DivX transaction (also belonging to the _DivInc category) if the matching transaction has text in the payee field.

Now it is possible that no 'payee' value can be signed to Div transactions. If. that is the case is there another way to identify those transactions (eg. listing the account name in the pop-up report or something like that)?


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    I see the problem you describe in the pop-up report. One thing you can do is to run a Banking Transaction report.

    Go to Reports > Banking > Transaction and set the date range to Yearly and Current year.
    Click on the Date column and set Subtotal by: to Month.
    Click on the gear at the top right to customize the report.
    Pick the columns you want to see.  
    Select the Categories tab 
    Click on the Categories tab and select "Include only transactions with selected Categories"
    Click on Clear All then select the _DivInc category.

    You can save this report to view later if you want.

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    Or on the Budget page, you could select Reports and Current budget report. Click on the blue Actual number for a month and you will see the details for that Category and month. The Description column has the security name and if it was a reinvestment, the number of shares purchased.
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