Why does Quicken no longer recognize multiple passwords for multiple credit card accounts?

I have used Quicken for years with multiple Capital One credit cards attached. The credit cards have different passwords since one is mine and another is our family card. Quicken always recognized the multiple passwords and allowed me to download transactions from all the cards at once. Recently (few months) it will only recognize the password from one card at a time. I have to go back and forth authorizing the other account to have it recognize the other card. It does not recognize them both at the same time. There is a red circle with a line through it with the error message "Quicken is unable to update your account". Is there a solution to this so that Quicken recognizes and remember multiple passwords for multiple credit cards at the same time.


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    Do both credit cards have your Social Security number linked to them?  If so, you might want to consider consolidating both of your online credit card accounts into one online account.  By doing this, both credit cards will then show up in one online account but you can still view and manage each of them separately.  And you will then be able to download both credit card accounts into Quicken with a single OSU setup.
    If you want to do this:  Go to https://www.capitalone.com/support-center/credit-cards/link-accounts.  (If you don't want to click on this link you can instead copy it and then paste it into the URL line of your browser or just type it into the URL line of your browser.)  Then click on "Link Credit Card Accounts" which will then prompt you to log into one of your online accounts.  You will get a popup for "Link a Credit Card"....click on the "Consolidate your accounts" blue underlined link at the bottom of that popup and follow the prompts.
    Once you have consolidated your online accounts, in Quicken do Set Up Now for the credit card account that Account List shows is not set up for download using the login information for the online account you consolidated both accounts into and follow the prompts.  Make sure to link the download to the correct credit card account in Quicken.
    If this setup process does not work, you might need to make sure both Cap One credit cards are deactivated and then try Add Account, making sure the downloaded data is properly linked to both credit card accounts.
    Any questions?  Does this resolve the issue for you?

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  • The two accounts have different SSNs One is mine and one is my wife's. Any thoughts for this sceanrio?

    Our multiple bank accounts connected to Quicken have more than one credit card and those upload fine.
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    Cap One's setup with Quicken is different than it is for other financial institutions. Those changes were made, I think, sometime in the last year or so.  Maybe that is why Cap One works differently with OSU than it does with your other other accounts.
    Another idea:  You might want to try setting up yourself on your wife's card as an Authorized User.  I think that will require you to add your SS number to her account.  Then maybe you could try to link her account with yours.  (I know when I have done that with other credit card companies it did not change anything about the other person's access to their account, it just added my access to that other person's account.)
    Anyway, if that works then you might be able to do the Set Up Now or Add Account process so that both accounts then download under your login info.

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