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Where is the Quicken "tools" menu located? I want to hide a security in my portfolio and have been directed to go to the tools menu to do so but cannot find it? Thanks


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    The Tools menu is a Quicken Windows thing but it appears you are using Quicken Mac. I'm not aware of any way to hide a security (without removing all shares) in the Portfolio View in Quicken Mac.
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    @BNR Can you share a little more information about what you're trying to accomplish? For instance, is the security you want to hide one which you used to own but no longer do? Or do you have shares of this security but for some reason want them not to show up in the Portfolio?

    If it's the former — a security you used to own but no longer do — and you just don't want to see it pop up every time you enter a transaction with a similar security name, one suggestion is to rename the security with a prefix like "z-" (e.g. if you used to own Home Depot but no longer do, rename it "z-Home Depot"). This won't make is disappear, but it will put it at the bottom of any list of securities you see, so it's sort of out of site. I do this, and I find it works pretty well for keeping former securities out of my way. 

    I also wanted to make you aware that hiding securities is a feature the Quicken Mac development team has said is on their roadmap for future implementation. (You can see their note near the top of this Idea thread requesting such a feature.) So that's the good news. The bad news is that we don't know how soon such a feature will be released; it could be next month or next year or beyond, depending on how they prioritize features for development. But at least it will be coming at some point in the future. 
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