Paycheck Deposit with Transfer to Savings

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I seem to get this problem regularly - I've setup my paycheck, and within the deposit I've indicated transfers to other accounts. In other words, most of my paycheck goes into checking, but some goes into a 401(k), an HSA, and another savings account.

This morning Quicken froze - after 30 minutes, the screen would do this odd refresh thing and I'd get an hourglass, but the "File" menu wouldn't return. I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to end program, and then I restarted, and did a Validate.

Quicken flagged the paycheck entries and recommended I delete the transactions. I've done this before - I delete the scheduled paycheck and then create it again from scratch, but eventually I get this validation error on every paycheck that includes a transfer to a different account.

Is there another way? A kludge, maybe, that the Quicken program won't have such a fit over?


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    In the "Deposit Account" section of your Paycheck transaction (in the Paycheck Wizard) how are you recording that transfer to the Savings Account?
    How about those 401k and HSA transfers, which would both be pre-tax deductions?
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    Looks like they're all pre-tax at the moment. I don't currently have the post-tax savings listed, but it looks like this -
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    I had this problem repeated today after entering my last paycheck. It's annoying.
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