Adding Chime Credit Card Builder Account

Hello, I recently tried to add my Chime Credit Card Builder account to Quicken and was unsuccessful. I was able to log into my Chime account within Quicken when trying to add the account, but it only gives me an option to add my Chime checking and not the credit card account. Has anyone been able to add this credit card account with Chime?


  • NotACPA
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    What accounts are allowed for download into Q is Chime's decision, not Q's.
    BUT, per FIDIR.TXT (which records the financial institutions that have such agreements with Q) credit accounts should be downloadable:
    Chime    (844) 244-6363    ACTIVE                   BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT
    SO, have you contacted Chime to see if this particular type of account is downloadable?

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  • dfisk
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    Thanks for the info. I should have been more specific with this type of card. It's similar to a secured card where you add money to it and use it for transactions, which supposedly will help build your credit. So it isn't really a credit card. I did check and it doesn't look like I can download these transactions from the website or the mobile app.

    Chime is a fairly basic banking service. Maybe in the future they'll offer the ability to download transactions. For right now, I'll just have to enter all the transactions manually.
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    dfisk said:  It's similar to a secured card where you add money to it and use it for transactions...
    just curious HOW you use it at a Point Of Sale terminal - does it appear and work like a Credit Card or a Debit Card ?
    And guessing you transfer money from your other Chime account into the card account.

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  • dfisk
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    It can work as a credit card when making purchases at a POS terminal. You'll just select credit card when given the option to choose debit or credit.

    To add money to the card you would transfer from your checking account.

    For more info on it you can go here:
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