Is quicken available for Brazil?

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Hello! I am from Brazil and I'm considering using Quicken as an alternative for the old "Microsoft Money". However, It seems there is only english version. I am wondering if Quicken has a version that is compatible with Brazilian banks and if it works correctly (it would be even better if there are a portuguese version). I tried to look it up, but haven't found anything related to that.
I tried to contact Quicken via chat, but I also can't create an account, as I get this error:

"Oops! Something went wrong.

Please try again, and if it still
doesn't work, let us know."

I'm not sure if maybe it doesn't recognize the phone number from outside the US.


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    Q previously had international versions, but they weren't profitable, so they were discontinued.  Q is now only sold in the US and Canada, and thus only US and Canadian banks have signed the contracts to provide downloads into Q.
    And, I'm not aware of even a French version of Q, even though it's an official language of Canada.
    There are some non-North American users of Q, but they use it entirely manually.

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