CIT Bank requiring two-factor authentication on every One Step Update

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Over a month ago CIT Bank has starting requiring two-factor authentication every time I do a One Step Update. I am used to this happening only one time when I set up an account in quicken or reconnect a count to resolve some issue. None of my other linked accounts are requiring this. The One Step Update stops while it waits for me to enter the code sent by CIT then the update completes successfully. I often start One Step Update and go on to do something else only to come back and find the update stopped, waiting for me to enter the CIT Bank code. Anyone else experiencing this? I've taken CIT Bank out of One Step Update and do it on it's own as a work around. Any ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance? Thanks


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    Complain to CIT. They initiated this annoyance, and only then can end it.
    Alternatively, "vote with your feet".  Find another bank and tell CIT why you're leaving.
    I've left several financial institutions (over the past 25 years) when they changes policies re: Quicken.

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