i have used nordvpn with Quicken until last week

KlisterKid Member ✭✭✭
NordVPN works with most of my banks & 2 brokersges. Last week i started getting OL-220 errors when setting up an account following a complete crash of my computer on 12/23/21. Happy, happy!
I rebuilt & reinstalled everything. I can't use Qkn with one bank for financial downloads. I turned off NordVPN but that action prevented me from accessing the net.
NordVPN & I spent a few hrs last night trying different server addresses, changing two DNS values from empty to and another string I forgot now. Failed.
I noticed that the MSFT triubkeshooter said the Nord tunneling was the culprit. I stopped all 3 Nord processes. Failed
I saw that Windows Defender had two Qkn CEF Subprocesses. I did not change them yet.
What are their purposes? Two offset the other two! Failed to get to net.
I want to finish my taxes even though i filed for extensions.
Let me know what screen prints you may need.
Thanks in advance.


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