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How do I get rid of the "Critical update required" popup every time I run Quicken 2017 Mac? Message says "Choose the Quickent > Check for Updates". That says "You're up-to-date! Quicken 2017 4.8.6 is currently the newest version available."

Please stop the madness!

I don't need online features. I don't plan to update to a ongoing pay version.

Please, please, please stop the popup ads and bogus "Critical update required" popups!


  • jacobs
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    @mevans7 I sympathize, but I'm not sure you're going to get relief. First, this forum doesn't go to Quicken developers or management; it's fellow Quicken users and a handful of Quicken moderators who maintain order and answer some questions. Normally, we'd suggest you report a problem like this to Quicken Support — but of course Quicken 2017 is no longer supported software. My only suggestion is to use the Report a Problem feature on the Help menu; you won't get any reply, but there's a small chance the person who checks the submissions might pass it up the chain if they agree it's an error.

    My guess is that they implemented some code to insure that all current subscribers had upgraded to Quicken 6.4 or beyond, because that was needed to support a change they made on the back-end server architecture for downloading transactions. But for people using older versions of Quicken Mac, the warning is unnecessary because those users aren't using online services. In my opinion, the software should first check to see if you have a current subscription, and then only show you the warning message if you're running a version version of Quicken prior to version 6.4. But it seems they instead do a simple version number check, and anything below 6.4 gets the message — even though its not relevant to users who don't have a subscription.

    I just don't know if they're aware, and if they are, if they care to make a change to support people who have decided not to support Quicken with additional purchases. I'm guessing you will just have to close the alternate message each time you launch Quicken, just like you have to close the annoying pop-up message offering a discount if you upgrade. ;)

    P.S. I understand you not needing the online features. I'm a mostly manual Quicken user myself. I'd just note that there are a lot of features which have been improved in Quicken each year since 2017, and personally I find the annual price worth the cost for the bug fixes and new features even if I don't download my transactions. I'm not saying you should feel the same; I'm just sharing my experience. If you use Quicken for simply tracking a checking account, it's likely not worth it; if you track checking and credit card and investment accounts, then at some point, you might find it worth considering.
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    I always just quickly do a Cmd+W to close the popup. Since Quicken announced last year (or whenever... I don't remember) that online services will be discontinued, I figured this was a click bait for the "manual schmucks" to download an update which will convert their software to a subscription based and then oops... sorry, you have to pay :-) So I just quickly close the popup with Cmd+W and I'm done.
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    I did a chat session with Support. They said it "might" go away around the 22nd (May 22, 2022).
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