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I've been connecting to Truist using Express Web Connect. Except for the (reported) issue of not reconciling when there is a pending transaction outstanding (I can live with that, I don't have that many transactions), I'm ok with EWC. But I received a charge from Truist for $7.95 and I realized I have a Direct Connect subscription with Truist. In Quicken when I look at the account list, it says Yes(Express Web Connect) in the Transaction Download column.
So far, I'm good. My question is can I cancel the Direct Connect Subscription in Truist to save the monthly $7.95 fee with causing any download or other problems ?


  • NotACPA
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    That would be a question for Truist.  Q can't control what Truist does, or charges. There shouldn't be any Q issue with this.
    After Truist makes the change, just to be safe, I'd
    1. Take a backup, just in case
    2. Deactivate the account from download
    3. Reactivate the account, making sure to use EWC

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  • bkrieger1958
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    Thanks NotACPA. Looks like I'm good to go. Thanks for helping me save $7.95/month!
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