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I am continue to see transactions involving transfers between Schwab accounts that I have entered manually fail to matched when I do the download from Schwab. So the transactions are posted as new transactions in both the sending and receiving account. Some of these transactions are scheduled transactions. At this point I have deleted the downloaded entries (as they do not include category, etc detail) When I subsequently update my accounts the automated entries do not reappear, nor are the manual entries marked as matched.

I addition, when the Schwab Government Securities fund pays a dividend (which, admittedly is minuscule) Quicken posts the entry with out the amount and marks the entry with the blue dot. Clearly the download is missing some data - never sure if the problem is Schwab or Quicken.


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    At this point I have deleted the downloaded entries (as they do not include category, etc detail) When I subsequently update my accounts the automated entries do not reappear, nor are the manual entries marked as matched.
    I can't address why the downloaded transactions aren't matching your manually-entered ones, but I can address part of this. Comment: when you delete transactions, Quicken retains a unique transaction ID number (the FITID) the financial institution assigned to of each of those transactions; when you download transactions the next time, the same transactions may come into Quicken, but Quicken rejects those which match a FITID it has previously seen. In short: once a transaction has been downloaded to Quicken and deleted, it can never be downloaded again.

    Now, there's potentially a better thing for you to than deleting the downloaded transaction. Instead, drag the downloaded transaction over your manually-enteredtransaciton (or visa versa). Quicken will then merge the two transactions. Conventional wisdom says Quicken has some learning mechanism which may improve auto-matching the next time, although I'm not sure that's really true. 

    As for dividend transactions downloading with no Amount, that sounds like a problem at the Schwab end; if the transactions are coded properly with an Amount field, the Amount should drop into place in Quicken. But someone would need to look at the log file to see exactly what Schwab is sending. You could try contacting Quicken Support for help with that. 
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    @Daffy Duck

    Good morning.  I agree that the Schwab Government Securities fund pays a dividend without an amount.  What I do is accept the transaction and then go back into the transaction itself and edit.  

    What I'm doing is clearly a work around and adding a manual step to what should be an automated process.  However, since about mid-November 2021 I've resigned myself to operating under what I call the "new normal."  This is not a good solution but basically it is what it is.
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    I do the same every month end as I am doing the account reconciliaton.
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    For years I have been manually entering transactions from Schwab for my investment accounts but decided in April 2022 to allow auto downloads instead. Some of the accounts were fine, just some duplicates, which I had to delete. However, in Quicken, two of the existing accounts were created as new accounts from Schwab and they only contained data transactions starting in 2022, nothing for previous years. Any idea how I can get the existing accounts to sync with Schwab?
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    When you are creating the link, you need to match the Schwab account to the Quicken account. If you do not it will create a new account in Quicken. This is done at the time you set up the links. When you enter your Schwab log on and password it will make available all accounts you have at Schwab and it will provide and you will have to match them to the accounts in Quicken. If you do not list a specific Quicken account for a given Schwab account Quicken will create a new account matched to that Schwab account. (If by chance your access includes accounts you want excluded from your Quicken file you will have to tell Quicken not to import them.)

    At this point, I would suggest you delete the new files Quicken created and then repeat the process of making the connection with Schwab - and be sure that all of your Schwab accounts are linked to the appropriate Quicken account.

    The new account will pull in all transactions going back a limited amount of time. When I first started using building these links it went back several months. Since your experience only goes back as far as earlier this year, perhaps the new security that Schwab implemented may limit how far back it goes to import data.

    I personally had a hard time figuring this all out when starting with Quicken, and almost gave up until Quicken Support walked me through how to set up these links.
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