Reporting Bug -- appears completely broken for multiple Tags

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I started using Tags today, on Quicken Deluxe Windows, paid and up-to-date version R40.13 .

No matter what I choose for settings, all of which I well understand, no report involving tags either in its title or as a feature will show any Tags except the very first one I created.

I have 3 tags. These work fine in the register, where I have turned on the column; in Reminders; or in any other place they might show -- except in Reports.

In reports, only that initial tag functions. Only that first tag shows at all.

I've seem people try to talk down others with this problem, Linda etc., but it is rather clearly a real bug in current Quicken,

Please fix!

Thank you


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    Just to be sure, please go to Help > About Quicken and confirm that it says you are running the Deluxe edition. The Starter edition does not support Tags in reports.

    Assuming it says you have Deluxe, please go to Reports > Spending > Itemized Transactions and click on the gear at the top right to customize the report. Is the Tags tab present between Payees and Advanced?

    If you click on Tags, do you see the tags you created listed?
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