How do I find rejected Transactions from Quicken for Windows export file

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I have noticed that when move data from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for MAC, the balance of one of my stock associated cash accounts is nearly 10% greater on the MAC than the account in the Windows Quicken, which has been balanced and agrees with the amount from my broker's web site. I use both versions on different platforms. After several hours, I was able to identify a number of transactions that were not imported. This seems to be a Known Bug without resolution. I was advised to just enter the transactions manually. Since finding them is a long process, is there a log file where the rejected transactions are individually identified? I checked a log file generated by an import, and it only indicates that all the accounts were read, without mentioning that any transactions were omitted.


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    The log file generated by the import into Quicken Mac probably should note skipped transactions; I know the importer from the old Quicken Mac 2007 into Quicken Mac does so — but they're different code. Also: the process of brining data from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac is two steps: exporting from Quicken Windows format, and then importing into Quicken Mac. It's possible if the problem you're experiencing occurs during the first step, which is actually running a heavily modified version of Quicken Windows, it may not get passed along to get logged by the Quicken Mac importer. I'm just offering guesses here... 
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