App not updating with same accounts as desk top windows account

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Hello, after I backup my Quicken desktop app (Windows) I always go to Mobile & Web -> Cloud Sync. My mobile app does not have the some of the same accounts as the desktop and the app has some of the same account names with a zero (0) balance. I then went to ‘Go to Mobile & Web’, logged in and did another Sync. I still have incorrect data. Please let me know if I a missing a step to get my mobile app updated.

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    What type of accounts are missing from on  your mobilel?  Not all account types are eligible for upload.
    AND Q Mobile isn't usable as a backup method for this reason.  Also,  that Mobile doesn't copy everything ... just relatively recent transactions.

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    Under Investments, I have a few funds that I track manually and update the value manually in the desktop app. Some of those account values carry over and some values do not. For Properties, we have a mortgage on one home that carry’s over to the app and I list the value of a rental, but that does not carry over. Is there something in the desktop app that I need to select, like a checkbox, for the value to populate in mobile app? Thank you again.
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