Quicken connect not working since 4/18 w/us bank on version 6.6.2 Mac.

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    Not working in what way?  What DOES happen?  Any error codes or messages?
    Also, USB provides Web Connect (where you initiate the download from their website), and ":Quicken Connect", both of  which are free AND "Direct Connect" which costs $3.95/mo to download all of your USB account.
    Which download method  are you using?

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    RESOLVED, but for info: Using Quicken Connect and it was doing nothing. It connected, no error messages, but no updating. Only took nine days, but it just updated. When it started, for the first two/three days I got Quicken error alerts. I don't remember now specifically what they were. I THINK it was Quicken server issues. I checked some "is it down" sites and Quicken wasn't mentioned. Those seemed to be Quicken issues, but then it progressed to what I suspect was something with the bank. Thanks for responding. All's well that ends well, but it's a pain trying to run a business when you can't easily update the checkbook for nine days. I wish Quicken would come up with a business version for Mac like they have for Windows.
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