Change account for default view HOME (main tab) | BILLS (subtab)


I have a question with respect to "bill and income reminders" (shown on the HOME | BILLS tab).

Quick background first:
- I have been using SunTrust (now TRUIST) as my default accounts for "Direct Connect" bill pay.
- Upon opening Quicken, my default view was set to the following tabs: HOME (main tab) | BILLS (subtab)
- Now, I recently switched banks from TRUIST to PNC and set up all PNC accounts for "Direct Connect".
- Finally, as of this morning, I actually *deleted* all of my TRUIST accounts ("bye bye TRUIST").

Existing issue:
- Given the deletion of the TRUIST account, my default view -- again, HOME (main tab) | BILLS (subtab) -- now only shows a single bill/income reminder for each month.
- It is only when I click/open my PNC account and then return to HOME (main tab) | BILLS (subtab) that all of my scheduled bill/income reminders (20+) for each month are shown.

My question:
- Where/how do I update the settings in Quicken so that I immediately display all 20+ bill/income reminders for each month for the new PNC bank (without first having to click on the PNC account)?

Thank you,


  • UKR
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    Just a shot in the dark ... have you tried to customize the Bills view page? Remove the Bill and Income Reminders view, save the change. Add it back in, save the change again. Does that work better now?
  • skydivetom
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    @UKR -- I tried your suggestion. Sounded very promising... unfortunately, I still have to first enter the account before the bill reminders are shown. Thanks for the feedback anyways.
  • skydivetom
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    edited April 2022

    Quick update... the issue resolved itself.

    Given my recent transition from TRUIST to PNC, all of my scheduled DirectConnect bill payments had been scheduled to start in May (nothing in April).

    Upon starting Quicken now, the bill reminders are automatically shown in tab HOME | BILLS.

    Thank you,
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