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    Net Worth and Account Balances Report are wrong. The balances on the side bar are correct BUT, when I ask for a Net Worth or Account Balances Report I get totally different and incorrect amounts. The figures go from a positive amount in the side bar to a totally erroneous negative figure in the high millions! Not happy with this product anymore. Oracle now providing an alternative to Quicken, maybe one for the average user will be available in the future.
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    The problem you describe sounds different from the one that was discussed in the earlier thread. I have requested that a moderator start a new discussion for your issue.

    Given the size of the discrepancies it seems unlikely, but first let's make sure your problem was not caused by a version of Quicken that was released early in March.

    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running now.

    When did you first see this problem? Was it before or after Mar. 4, when R39.17 was first released?

    Previous to the current version, did you ever have R39.17 or R39.21 installed?

    In the affected account, have you ever used the Paycheck Wizard to enter the split transfers in your paycheck?

    Does the problem also affect the Account Balances Report?

    If your answers are After Mar. 4, Yes ran R39.17 or R39.21, Yes have used Paycheck Wizard, and Yes affects Account Balances report, you have probably encountered the problem discussed here:

    Let us know the result and we can go forward from there.

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