Cleared transactions from Wells Fargo not showing in the Reconciliation screen

Trying to complete paper statement reconciliation of my Wells Fargo Checking account. All the transactions have been downloaded via Express Web Connect and have a "c" in the Clr column of the register. I input the Ending Statement Date of 1/31/2022. However a 1/30/2022 payment and a 1/31/2022 large deposit (with the 'c') do not appear in the Reconciliation screen. Therefore the reconciliation is way off, yet no way to pull in that 1/30 payment and 1/31 deposit -- for some unknown reason is excluded. I reviewed other postings from December 2021 and did not see a resolution, other than Log a Bug Report. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Ben


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    Additional information... Quicken Premier Version R39.23 Build on Windows 10 Home
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    In  your WF checking account, click  the GEAR icon that's above  the right slider bar, click Register Columns and check "Downloaded Posting Date".
    What shows  in  that field for those 2 transactions?
    And 1/30/22 was a Sunday, did you make that deposit at an ATM?  If so, it won't post until 1/31 at  the absolute earliest.

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