Quicken Update 6.7.0 Doesn’t Save Calculation Results

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I installed brand new Quicken Update 6.7.0 (Build 607.44072.100) today on MacOS 10.14.6. Now when I calculate a list of items, typically a sum of prices, type =, and then tab to the next field, the result is cleared instead of being left in the Amount field.

— Andy


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    Do the same thing, but don't type the = at the end of the list of numbers; just press Tab. The correct sum will be in the Amount field.

    That said, I agree this is a bug. If you type 1 + 2 =, the Amount field is showing 3, but when you press Tab, the Amount field inexplicably changes back to 2. I suggest using Help > Report a Problem to report this issue to Quicken. 
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