Renaming Rules Changing Information in Two Accounts

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    I have two accounts from one bank. I set up renaming rules and the renaming rules affected both accounts. For example one transaction renames and alarm transaction to a mortgage payment. This example is in the same account. Another example the mortgage name was used in the second checking account.

    I turned off renaming rules I hope that works out.

    I am going to try and use find and replace. Does that effect both accounts?

    How do I separate download transactions from Citibank? So I only download transactions from one account at a time?
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    Find and Replace affects all the transactions you have selected, so make sure you have the selection set correctly. Always back up your data file before making bulk changes.

    Renaming rules affect payees in all your accounts, so you must be careful when you set them up so they do what you want.

    For example, say you have two Payees, All American Mortgage and American Alarm. If your renaming rule is Set payee name to All American Mortgage if Payee contains American,  any payment with American in it will be changed to All American Mortgage

    There is also an option at Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions "Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to Payee." This enables a set of built in renaming rules which usually work, but sometimes Quicken gets it wrong. You can turn that off if you do not like the results.

    The moral of this story is that you should not blindly accept downloaded transactions, but you should review each one before accepting it. The preference to require a review of each transaction is at Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions. Un-check the Automatically Add boxes.
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