UPDATE! - Need to move My Money 2002 to Quicken Deluxe for Mac

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Hello everyone, my original thread is closed but I wanted to thank everyone for their help and provide an update. I was able to import My Money 2002 files from Windows XP to Quicken for Mac 2022. I followed all the advice that was posted, thank you everyone! It helps to be patient and to have a PC savvy 13-year-old as an assistant! Lol. Here is what I finally ended up doing.

I created a new Virtual machine running Windows 8.1 on my mac using VM Ware Fusion.
I installed My Money Sunset edition and a copy of Quicken 2004.
I copied My Money backup file from my original Virtual machine running Windows XP to the new Virtual Machine.
I opened My money backup using Sunset and exported each account ,(example: checking , savings, etc.) one by one to a .QIF file
I created a new account in Quicken 2004 and I imported the QIF files , one account at a time into my new Quicken file.
I then organized my accounts in Quicken 2004, once I was satisfied that everything seemed to come over, I created a backup of the quicken file, and opened the backup with Quicken for Mac 2022.

I had thought that I could export my entire from My Money account file to Quicken in one shot, but I had to do it one account at a time. I’m sure there was a way? I just couldn’t figure it out.

Mac version seems to have imported everything, as I had mentioned I had over 20 years of account history and it all seems to be there. I must now organize my new account, columns, etc. and get to understand how Quicken works after using My Money for 20 plus years.

I did notice some wonky things, like my Check #’s are under ACTION versus Check# column , but I think I can live with that.
I’m glad that I now have my account running on my Mac versus a virtual machine that had given me a few headaches over the years and was becoming more frequent. The latest update of VMWare Fusion had slowed my machine down to a crawl. I had to uninstall and reinstall an older version. That was the final straw that led me to find a Mac money management software.

Being new to Quicken for mac, is there anything I should be aware of or looking for? System crashes, loss of data , etc.? Any advice on a proper back up?

Thank you again everyone!


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    Thanks for posting your outcome, and I’m happy to hear that you were able to successfully navigate the multi-step process to get your data into the current Quicken Mac. (Lesson: never again stay on 20 year-old software without updating; you may find your data stranded and unable to be used by current software! 😉)

    Regarding the Action column, Quicken Mac uses that for any values which are non-numeric; the Check Number column is strictly for numeric values. Probably in the sequence of migrating your data, your check numbers were saved as alphanumeric values, perhaps having leading spaces in them.

    Regarding things like crashes and data loss, the modern Quicken Mac has proven to be very robust over the nearly 8 years since it was introduced. Of course crashes can happen with any software, but it is pretty uncommon with Quicken Mac. The program uses a very robust SQL database which is not prone to data corruption problems. (So much so, there is no utility for checking or repairing data problems in the database.)

    Regarding back ups: I suggest you go to Quicken Preferences > General and increase the number of backups Quicken maintains from its default of 5 to at least 25. Hard drive space is plentiful, and if you need to revert to a backup, you don’t want to discover your backups don’t go back far enough. (Also, hopefully you use Time Machine and/or other backup software to automatically back up all your Mac’s important data.)

    Best wishes navigating your way up the learning curve of Quicken Mac!

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