when backing up, in the save as box my software automatically includes the date.... How do I elimina

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When I initially set up Quicken, I opted to have the date included in the filename. I would rather add dates manually


  • Jon
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    I don't think there's any way to change the file name used for backups. I don't even see a hidden setting for that in the preferences file so I don't think you ever did have any choice about the name used for backups, only the location.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    The only way I know of to manually add a date to a backup file is to edit the file name after the backup file has been created.

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  • RickO
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    There's a not-too-expensive third party tool called Hazel that will monitor a folder for new files added and do all kinds of manipulations to its file name, location, etc. Comes in very handy. You could set it up to automatically adjust the file name to your liking. Useful for other things too. I use it, for example, to automatically move statements that download into my Downloads folder to their proper archive folder on my Mac. I currently have 25+ rules set up for these. Something you may want to look into.

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