Transfers from splits are very broken

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My paycheck has one split entry to transfer to my 401k account. However, the 401k account has two transactions showing that same transfer. From each of them "go to transfer" goes to the same transaction in my checking account. If I ask to delete one of them in the 401k account, it tells me to go to the source transaction and modify the split.


Please stop working on fancy improvements in my dashboard, and fix all the data corruption bugs you are introducing.


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    So I went to the checking account transaction and changed the split transfer to the 401k to be just a "misc" category expense, not a transfer. Saved and all that, and then went to the 401k register. One of the two transfers was now gone, so that register was right, but where did that money come from? I tried to delete it, no dice, it was created by a transfer. I went to the transfer, and it no longer had a "misc" expense, but it only had a transfer to the 401k. This is completely bizarre and makes me distrust the program. Yes, the final situation was right, but it makes no sense how it got broken or how it got fixed. You are just doing random junk to my data.
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    Typically, there are two 401k transfers from a paycheck transaction: one for the employee contribution and one for the employer contribution.   I suggest you view the paycheck transaction as a split: select the transaction and press Ctrl + Shift + S
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    As I recall with these duplicated transfers, one of the dups will be an orphan.

    To get rid of the orphan, in the checking account, Cut the paycheck transaction. Switch to the 401(k) account, delete the orphan. Switch back to the checking account and Paste the paycheck transaction. 

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