My reports are STILL giving me the wrong totals

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I started fresh, with a new report from the stock menu. And the report STILL gave me the wrong totals. This has been a problem for 6 months, and my Quicken is completely up to date. Q2017 Windows. We are a small non-profit, and I ALMOST reported the wrong amount to the IRS!!!!
Here are the symptoms: I do a comparison report of budget to spending. If I just use the budgeted amounts, it works. If I change it to Non-zero & budgeted accounts, it adds the subtotals to the total, nearly doubling the amount spent.
I can't believe this IS STILL A PROBLEM. Please fix it.
PS: the Report a problem to Quicken CRASHED 2 X WITHOUT REPORTING ANYTHING.
PPS no customer support AT ALL? no chat? No working phone and not even email? I paid for this.


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    Quicken support and online services for Quicken 2017 ended just over two years ago:
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    Further to the @Sherlock reply, there will no updates to Quicken 2017 either. Is that really the program version You are using?  See Help - About Quicken. 
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    I have been using Quicken since 1996 and have not experienced problems until they moved to the "Subscription" service (where I now pay a high amount every year instead of an upgrade every 3 years or so). I have noticed the same reporting errors for Net Worth (balances don't agree - huge negative balance) and Comparison Reports where prior year numbers don't tie to the register. I keep thinking It will be corrected with updates but it never is. Please check all your reports to make sure the info is accurate and ties to the transaction registers otherwise the Reports are worthless. Very frustrating and disappointed.
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