Why do I keep getting different balances and amounts across similar reports and balances?

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I'll list a few scenarios to explain what I mean by my question.

1. My balance in the "investing view" for a particular account is different than my balance on the account bar.

2. My income balance on my "income year to date" is slightly different by a couple cents than it is in my "capital gains view" report.

3. My income and expense graph shows a different net income on the "main view" than it does in the "dashboard view".

Is anyone else having this issue? Its starting to make me second guess my decision to use Quicken. I get alot of errors and balance and reporting issues.


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    The simplest explanation for the different balances and amounts would be different transactions or prices in the views and report amounts you are comparing:

    1.  The account bar may be set to display the current or ending balance.  The investing view may be customized to a different date and exclude accounts and securities.

    2.  The income balance may include other income not included in the capital gains view report.

    3.  The 
    income and expense graph may be different because the dashboard view can not include investment account transactions where as, by default, the classic Home view item does.
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    The report function is very bad. Values are not true.

    In the "Net Worth" report there are multiple accounts showing incorrect values. "Security Detail Review's" "Market Value" amount is correct and correlates to the brokerage's value, but the reports: "Port Value" and "Customize Port Value" column "Balance" does not compute correctly for the stocks.

    I was told that the optimum size of the .QDF data file is 400 to 500 megabites. my file is 2.035 gigabits. Quicken states that they do not recommend that you archive or close out the data file annually. Most of the bits in the data file are from the attachments, I would guess.

    I did a test trying to create a new .QDF file beginning Jan 1 2021. It did not correct the problem, the values in the "Balance" field were still incorrect.

    Quicken does not state that there is a limitation on the size of the data file. This is troublesome, I've spent many years creating this .QDF file and it is unable to do a basic funcion without hours of remedial work.
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