Why is the latest version not adding numbers correctly? (Q Mac)

juliehq Member ✭✭
When adding multiple numbers to populate the amount column in a split transaction, once I press "=" only the last number added shows up in the column. This has just become a problem with the latest update.


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    As a temporary workaround while we're waiting for this to be fixed, if you press the Return or Tab keys after entering the last number without pressing "=" you get the correct result. 
  • SteveF9608
    SteveF9608 Member ✭✭
    edited May 2022
    When I add up the numbers or multiply the tax rate in, when I press =, the correct amount shows. Whether I 'tab', 'return" or click to a new entry, the last number entered is what the field reverts too.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @SteveF9608 You need to omit pressing the = key. So enter 2 + 2 Tab, not 2 + 2 = Tab, and you'll see the correct result. Hopefully they'll fix this glitch in the near future, but as long as you don't press = before switching to a new field, we've got a reasonable work-around. 
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